Kindles in the Library

Presentation by Jordyn Bibiloni, Library Media Specialist, Martin Meylin Middle School, Lampeter-Strasburg School District.
Contact email: Contact phone: 717.464.3311 (through late June)

See how we developed an e-brary using Kindle Renegade Review in grades 6-8, and how I have helped other middle and high schools create similar programs.
Come join the conversation...

Session Outline:
  1. Starter Kit (what to buy and what not to buy)
    1. What to buy
    2. What NOT to buy
  2. How to setup your kindles (sync/name/etc)
  3. Turning off 1-click buy
  4. How to download books on your computer
  5. Purchasing Books
    1. Fiction vs Nonfiction
  6. Adding collections, organizing books, and then syncing to save you time
  7. Teaching kids how to use the Kindle Renegade
  8. Troubleshooting and my experience with Amazon

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